Improvisational theatre form the heart

training in playback theatre


starting January 2023

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About this training:
Playback Theatre converts personal stories into improvised theatre pieces. When participants in a group play back to each other, they practice their empathic (listening) ability. Playing back increases also their creativity, spontaneity, authenticity, the trust in their intuition and in the wisdom of their own bodies.

With this beautiful and versatile form of improvisational theatre, you play with the stories we tell each other. Besides offering recognition for what people experience, with playback theatre you bring about a special connection between individual people and groups.

Playback theatre was developed in the 1970s by Jo Salas and Jonathan Fox. It is practised all over the world and has many applications, also in therapy. 

Expand your creative practice and experience how Playback Theatre contributes to personal growth, healing and fun!

What can you do with it?
Offering performances, combining it with psychodrama, combining it with theatre of the oppressed, applying it in individual and group therapy,…

What are we going to do?
In order to integrate this method in your work and to be able to use it optimally, you will have to to get to know it from the inside out by playing yourself. You will learn earn various forms of playback theatre to play back stories.

Requirements for participation:
No experience is required. These 6 sessions are for those who have no online playback experience or who would like a refresher.

What comes next?
After this basic course or if you have experience elsewhere you can: 

  • take part in bi-weekly practice sessions of 90’
  • register for a follow-up training course (e.g. in playback therapy, the forms are hereby modified and used in a different structure)

Fridays from 4-7pm CET on
January 20th
January 27th
February 3rd
February 10th 


How much?
200$ professionals and general public
120$ students and retirees

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