playback theatre

Facilitating deep connection and meaningful conversation by artfully reflecting the universal essence of personal stories.

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December 16th 2022 - Always Look at the Bright Side of Life

Public Performance – Online
Perspektives invites you to share and listen to stories about first times. You are welcome to listen and watch. Telling your story is nice, but not a must.

From 8-9:30pm CET

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starting January 20th 2023 - playback theatre Training

Training – online

Improvisational theatre from the heart, a training in Playback Theatre.

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We reveal to you what’s going on

Perspektives offers improvisational theatre that generates dialogue and connection in an engaging and interactive way. Based on stories and experiences of the audience, our performers create theatre on the spot. Each experience is ‘played back’ to the storyteller and the audience in an intuitive and artistic way. We do this with empathy, respect and without judgments. In this way we make a special contribution to personal growth, organizational development and social change.

Experience playback theater

We offer performances on request. Sometimes these performances are open to the general public, sometimes they are not. That is why we occasionally host an public performance ourselves, on a relevant topic. Would you like to know what Playback Theatre could do for your organization or event? Join us in an open rehearsal or make an appointment for a private rehearsal.